The Visual Arts Committee is Happening!

Welcome to our first installment of HAPPENINGS, the Visual Arts Committee (VAC) update! It’s designed to keep everyone informed about visual arts opportunities at Good Shepherd and provide an easy way to sign up and get involved. The VAC was formed to facilitate ways of living out, exploring and deepening faith through the visual arts. Last April people attended our first “opening” when we set forth the vision. It was a marvelous turn out! A few of these efforts have gotten underway this summer and are building momentum. 

  • We’re re-discovering our Granlund bronze collection! Did you know we have one of the largest collections of Granlund? Read Joyce Jansen’s report on a meeting with Granlund expert, Kelvin Miller.
  • Joy Erickson and Ginny Pearson have taken charge of the “art closet”. They’re sorting and organizing the many pieces we have with the goal of having an ART SALE.
  • Dave Dubke is photographing the art closet contents to create a catalog.
  • Herb Morgenthaler, with the help of Chuck Liddy and Brita Taracks, is working on a display for a stained glass piece of "The Good Shepherd" given to us by former pastor, Harris Lee.
  • The Gallery Team met to identify possible gallery spaces in our building. Join John Chrisney, Sharon Hammond, Vic Perlbachs, Cathy Roinas, Brita Taracks and Karen Walhof on this exciting opportunity to enliven our walls!
  • John and Vic are making plans to procure additional hanging hardware which would ease art installations and save our walls.
  • Brita and Karen started arranging items from Ethiopia and Uruguay in the new Global Companions Gallery.
  • The Heritage Gallery is waiting for people interested in displaying our congregation’s rich history. There’s lots of materials to work with!
  • Heather Roth Johnson and Brita Taracks designed an art project to illuminate this fall’s narrative lectionary text on creation. Evelyn & Ben Albright and Ona & Sky Mitchell are doing great things on the creative production team. 

Join the Fun!

Collection Team

sculpture - cropped.jpg

Organize, curate and catalog our extensive art collection to be sure it’s visible and well cared for. 

Decorative Team

easter flowers.jpg

Maintain fresh, decorative touches in our common and hospitality spaces (coffee shop, narthex, fellowship hall, foyer.)  

Gallery Team


Turn our walls into gallery spaces: help create new opportunities to display art - perhaps even host shows.

Liturgical Team

advent banners.jpg

Create liturgical art for our sanctuary - Suggest an idea, donate materials, help put something together.