Sunday School at Good Shepherd

What we do and where to go?

Infant/Toddler Nursery
(Age 6 months through 3 years old)

Nursery is available in the Child Care Center located on the upper level each Sunday morning from 8:00-12:00 and is served by paid staff.

Early Childhood Sunday School
(Age 2 – Kindergarten)

Early Childhood Sunday School kids gather in Room 220 on the upper level to learn the Bible story through puppets and storytelling. In small groups, trained teachers lead the kids to delve deeper into the story through crafts, games and prayer. And Early Childhood Sunday School would not be complete without closing music and the crazy antics of Petey the puppet! It’s all about learning God’s story!

Elementary Sunday School
(Grades 1-5)

With a 45 minute Sunday School session, Elementary kids rotate every 15 minutes. They start in small groups on the lower level (Room 132, 134, Fireside Room, and Creation Station) so that they can make friends, open the Bible and pray. We then come together for worship in a large group format with music, story and prayer. Often the time is closed with a rotation either in crafts, games or the kitchen. It’s all about connecting God’s story to daily life.

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