Pastor Debra Samuelson

   Email Pastor Samuelson  612-927-8849 ext 109

Email Pastor Samuelson
612-927-8849 ext 109

Senior Pastor

Welcome to Good Shepherd!  This is a strong and vibrant congregation, filled with people who care about one another and the world around them.  I am passionate about bringing the Word of God to people, whether it be through preaching, through teaching or through day to day conversations.  I am equally passionate about the way we respond to that living Word of Christ in our lives – by caring for our neighbors globally and locally, and by caring for one another.  Yet another passion is getting to know people and learning their stories and helping them make connections with one another, for the stronger our connections are with one another the stronger our connection is with God.  It is my great joy to serve as senior pastor of this faithful congregation!

Pastor Karl Jacobson

  Email Pastor Jacobson  612-927-8849 ext 108

Email Pastor Jacobson
612-927-8849 ext 108

Teaching Pastor

I am so pleased to be with you here at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. I have joined the staff as associate pastor, with responsibility for education, youth and family ministries. It is my joy to work with the members of this congregation, and with any and all in our neighborhood whom we can draw into shared conversation, in the study of the Bible, the exploration of biblical theology, and in a growing practice of the Christian faith. I am here because, like Pastor Samuelson and other leaders here, I believe that our lives are best lived in the light of God’s Word, and that a vibrant, full, faithful life is rooted in this Word. What a pleasure it is to join with you in the study of God’s word, will, and way for us!


Ralph Johnson

  Email Ralph Johnson  612-927-8849 ext 104

Email Ralph Johnson
612-927-8849 ext 104

Director of Worship & Music

I believe that in the songs, anthems and hymns of worship, the Holy Spirit “intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words” (Romans 8:26). My role as Director of Music at Good Shepherd is to try to create opportunities for the Spirit to sing God’s Word directly into our hearts, and to help all of our people—choirs, soloists, instrumentalists, and the folks in the pews—to respond to the gifts of God with heartfelt songs of prayer, thanksgiving, and praise. The songs we offer will be many and diverse, for your heart-music may well differ from that of the person sitting next to you; but in our sharing of songs, we have the chance to also share the journey of faith with each other in ways that are rich, broad, and, yes, “too deep for words.”

Tor Johnson

  Email Tor Johnson  612-927-8849 ext 114

Email Tor Johnson
612-927-8849 ext 114

Director of Performing Arts

Here at Good Shepherd, we have many opportunities for people, members and non-members, to get involved in performing arts. I currently direct three theatrical productions a year; The Christmas Musical, The Lenten Drama and The Summer Classical Comedy. These productions are open to people of all ages. I also run our Summer Musical Theater Camp for first through eighth graders. I am also the director of the Chorister Choir, 4th – 6th graders, and the Bell Choir for teens and adults. There’s always a place for you in performing arts here at Good Shepherd. Talk to me or email me. I’d love to help you share your musical and dramatic gifts with the rest of the community.

Sharon Vicic


My musical journey as a church musician began many years ago. Over the years, I have come to realize that it is my responsibility to enhance the worship experience for all through careful and thoughtful music selection and practice. It is a great gift I have received and nurtured - and because my talent is a gift from God, it is meant to be shared, especially with this congregation and on the beautiful Reuter organ in the sanctuary. I am truly blessed to have been called to this profession, which is my vocation, my passion and a labor of love.


Laurie Dehmlow

Director of the Alleluia and Caroler Choirs

It is a joy to help these children learn to express their worship through music, movement, and drama.  My goal is to facilitate their participation and leadership in the worship service as they grow into the active church community.  I teach voice and music at St. Joseph’s School of Music as well as children’s theater classes with Steppingstone Theatre and Children’s Theatre.  In our spare time, my husband and I enjoy our horses, dogs and ice dancing.



Heather Roth Johnson

  Email Heather Roth Johnson  612-927-8849 ext 106

Email Heather Roth Johnson
612-927-8849 ext 106

Pastoral Intern &
Director of Children & Family Ministry

Joining the Good Shepherd staff in 2013, I wear two hats!  In my blended position as the pastoral intern and the Director of Children's Ministries, my work spans across the generations. I have the privilege to engage young souls in Sunday School or to hold the hands of the homebound. And it is in these relationships, I believe we live out faith together. By being together as a community or with the wider church, I see my role to "spark imagination" into the lives of others, young or younger (not old!), so that souls will be nourished, challenged, and renewed. My happy place is wherever I find myself with those whom I call family: Scott, Noah and Jacob. Our adventures have taken as around the world and back again! 

Heather is the author of the blog -  StoryBoard: Moving Forward in God's Story.

Mark Halvorson

  email mark halvorson  612-927-8849 ext 110

email mark halvorson
612-927-8849 ext 110

Director of Youth & Family Ministry

I feel tremendously blessed to be able to work with youth and families within this faithful and devoted congregation. My responsibilities lie primarily with middle and high school age youth and their families. Educational opportunities, mission projects, fellowship and more are the ways that we connect and grow together, it's not in a silo though, as ministries at Good Shepherd overlap and crisscross so that we may all learn from, as well as teach others.

My wife Tara and I, along with our 2 teenage daughters: Mara and Lilly feel grateful that this congregation is where we call home.

Meghan Brogan & Ingrid Krafve

Childcare Specialists


Karen Walhof

  Email Karen Walhof  612-927-8849 ext 117

Email Karen Walhof
612-927-8849 ext 117

Director of Outreach

It’s a joy to work with outreach at Good Shepherd! Outreach has at its core three components: invitation, service and companionship. We invite our neighbors and our friends to join in at Good Shepherd — in whatever way they feel comfortable. We serve God when we serve others, and Good Shepherd provides numerous opportunities to serve. And we celebrate the many parts of God’s family locally and globally -­ companions on our journey. Do you feel God’s call to reach out? Phone or email me. We have a place for you to serve!


  Email Dorothy Ellerbroek  612-927-8849 ext 145

Email Dorothy Ellerbroek
612-927-8849 ext 145

Dorothy Ellerbroek RN

The professional specialty of parish nursing combines nursing care and health ministry. In broad terms, my goals are to serve this faith community by fostering optimal health of body, mind, and spirit. I must admit that the best thing I do is to listen to others. My work involves visiting those who are homebound or ill; together with that, I may offer health counseling and education, referrals or resources for healthcare needs for all ages. The parish nurse works with volunteers, including the Health Ministry team, to bring programs and services to the congregation.


Laura Stein

  Email Laura Stein  612-927-8849 ext 103

Email Laura Stein
612-927-8849 ext 103

Business Administrator

I serve as the Business Administrator. Some of my responsibilities include facility and office management, accounting, member database management, coordinating volunteers and assisting Pastor Debra Samuelson. My goal is to serve the members of Good Shepherd, helping them feel connected and secure. I love this church and its people and ministries. My husband, Bob, and I have been members of Good Shepherd for over 20 years. We have three wonderful daughters, Sara, Rachel, and Emma. Please call me, email me, or stop in the church office anytime. I would love to talk to you!


Caitlin Canfield

Wedding Coordinator

I serve as the wedding coordinator. I am extremely fortunate to be working with this very talented staff. I enjoy meeting all of the wonderful congregants and visitors here at Good Shepherd. 




Ron Johnson

  Email Ron Johnson  612-927-8849

Email Ron Johnson

Head Custodian

I love to help people and make their worship experience and events here as comfortable as possible. If something needs fixing, I’m on it! I love my job and couldn’t pick a better place to work. My wife and daughter also worship here. The people of our congregation are the most welcoming and helpful group of people that anyone could ever know. That’s why Good Shepherd is like our home.

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