Wednesday Morning Small Group

In Judaism, the Midrash is a term given to a genre of rabbinic literature.  The purpose of midrash was to resolve problems in the interpretation of difficult passages of the text of the Hebrew Bible, using Rabbinic principles of hermeneutics and philology to align them with the religious and ethical values of religious teachers.  Said another way, it’s an approach that guides the following:

            “God said it.  I believe it.  Now let’s talk about what it means”

The Wednesday morning group is a bit like midrash;  “Midrash on France” if you will, where each week we wrestle with the Bible, with books, with topics of the day in attempt to better understand our faith and maybe even more importantly, understand how to bring our faith into our day and our lives.  This group has been meeting on Wednesday mornings at 7 AM for about 15 years and there’s always been plenty to talk about!  All voices are heard and listened to and in community we’re able to strengthen and support each other.  For many of us, it is “church” in that sense.

All that said, we welcome new voices at all times and invite you to consider joining us.  There are really no requirements.  No dues!  No secret handshakes!  Come when you can!

After the first of the year Midrash on France will be starting a new book focusing on Luther. "Luther: His Life and Teachings" by Nestingen. We’d love to have you join us!

For more information on the group or if you’d like to be included on our weekly email,  please contact John Mendesh.

Green Team

Caring for God's creation is part of our stewardship. This group looks at recycling and use/reuse of our resources, and explores options for constructive engagement with the natural world around Good Shepherd. Contact Jack or Lynne Sullivan (612-801-5770).

Hunger Team

In a time when more and more families face challenges feeding their families – globally and right next door – this group considers how Good Shepherd can minister to the hungry both immediately through our service ministries and through engagement with legislative action. Contact Allen or Louise Campbell.

Coffee and Conversation for Men

There is no agenda; just sharing of thoughts, treats, experiences and ideas. Mondays, 10:00 a.m.
Contact Lee Tallakson at 952-922-6155.

Third Friday Book Group

Members read a book, fiction or nonfiction, chosen by the group for that month and discuss it. 
Third Friday of the month, 9:30 a.m. Contact Dorothy Ellerbroek