The good old summertime . . .

Here we are in the hottest days of summer, thus far, and it is likely that there will be additional very hot steamy days over the next several weeks.

The National Weather Service has issued the following weather alert:

With temperatures soaring into the upper nineties together with high humidity (dew point), it is necessary to make efforts to remain cool and well-hydrated.

Slow down: reduce, eliminate or reschedule strenuous activities until the coolest time of day.

Dress for summer with light-weight, loose-fitting clothing; lighter-colored clothes reflect heat and sunlight.

Drink plenty of water, decaffeinated and non-alcoholic fluids, even if you don't feel thirsty.

Use air-conditioners and/or fans, or spend time in air-conditioned places.

Minimize direct exposure to sun. Sunburn reduces your body's ability to dissipate heat.

Do not leave anyone -- child, adult, or pet -- in a vehicle unattended.