FAITHFULLY FIT for better health . . . . .

There are those who will tell us that they have such busy lives, that they are so active with running around, never sitting still, and it seems that they are getting all the exercise they need. For many, this is true, and the frequent bursts of activity should not be discounted. There is benefit in such restless energy, provided it does not disturb the work routine of coworkers.. However, the majority of us lead lives that are sedentary, which is detrimental to our health, over time.

Many find it helpful and motivational to participate in a class for exercise for the following reasons::

·         It is led by a knowledgable leader, or facilitator;
·         It keeps a person on a schedule with a time commitment and structure;
·         It is a shared activity with a common interest among participants;
·         There is music, and sometimes even singing;
·         It improves balance and strength, tones muscles, strengthens bones, improves blood flow;
·         Improves the sense of well-being and accomplishment; plus . . .
·         It's fun!

For the past seven years Joan Tanger has led the exercise group at Good Shepherd in faithful fitness efforts. Joan has welcomed everyone and has guided them through exercises that have been beneficial to all, with respect for individual abilities. Joan is retiring from this role at the end of this month as she and Charles define retirement's new normal for them. THANK YOU, JOAN, for your faithful leadership of Faithfully Fit Forever!

Additional fitness opportunities recently have included a series of Qigong classes offered by Jeff Larson; it is my understanding that Jeff is available for added sessions either at Good Shepherd or at another location.

Let's Get Fit is challenging women in a triathlon at Lake Nokomis on August 14th. This is sponsored by the YMCA of Minneapolis. Our very own Heather Roth Johnson is inviting women of Good Shepherd to form a group to train together and participate in this event. Heather has proposed group training fitness activities each Tuesday from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Please contact Heather for a start date for this group, and a place to meet.

Make no bones about it, the need for physical exercise does not diminish as we get older. Quite the contrary, it is vital for health and well-being that the senior population can do much to maintain and improve fitness. Watch for forthcoming information on a class being developed to begin late summer and continue into the fall at Good Shepherd.

Since this topis is on fitness, strength, and mobility, your parish nurse has been less than a champion of those qualities in recent months. My osteoarthritis of my knee(s) has continued to deteriorate, and I will be having surgery for a total knee replacement in mid-June. While I won't be running any marathons, I hope to be back to work as soon as my surgeon permits me to do so. Already, I am becoming more understanding of those with mobility challenges and often the barriers that limit daily activities. I look forward to gleaning more blog-writing material after experiencing this procedure and recovery first-hand. Be well . . . . . Dorothy