My Second Home

My family has gone to Good Shepherd for all of my life. This place is filled with wonderful memories and people who care about me. Growing up, it seemed like every adult knew who I was and would ask how I was doing whenever they saw me. I was always baffled as to how these people knew me. But as I grew older, I developed the same relationship with the new generation of Good Shepherd youth. In my 3 years of teaching Sunday School and Confirmation, I grew close to many children of different ages. Now it’s me who’s asking them how they’re doing when we pass in the hallways. It’s amazing to see how much these kids have grown.

What my faith means to me:

The people at Good Shepherd have really shaped my faith. Their continuous support and interest in my life mirrors God’s unconditional love for us. I truly consider Good Shepherd to be my second home, my second family.