Welcome to Youth and Family Ministry!
Winter 2019

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Upcoming Events:

Feed My Starving Children week-long Mobile Pack
Feb 4-9
Berean Baptist Church, Burnsville, MN
start saving your quarters.

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Middle school ministry
Wednesday evenings 7–8 p.m., students in grades: 6-8 are invited together for a time of learning and fellowship, service and more. These three years or so of Wednesday evenings lead up to ninth graders being invited to affirm their faith… Get confirmed… In the fall of their ninth grade year.

This year our confirmation/Wednesday evening material will revolve around the life of Jesus and the roles he played and continues to play in our lives each and every day… He is God's son, and advocate, a teacher and a healer, someone that performs miracles, and lived an extreme life. Come explore together what those mean for us as we seek to live out faithful lives.

High school ministry
Wednesday evenings 7–8pm all students in grades 9-12 are invited to continue their own faith exploration as we gather to play and support each other and grow deeper in relationship with each other and God. Every Wednesday looks a little different so you got to just come and see what it’s about.

Sunday morning fellowship time
If you are not teaching or assisting with Sunday school all students are invited to gather in between services in the youth lounge with John Mendesh and Elaine Matyi for a time of check-in, prayer and discussion about the scripture for the day...and anything else that happens to come up… Always a great time