Creating visual art in our congregation to enhance our worship services throughout the year has given us so much joy here at Good Shepherd. For the past six years, we have taken on projects intentionally to foster creativity and transformation for our members. All ages participate in making beautiful art to fill our sanctuary and gathering spaces.

For each project, we start with the biblical text and prayer. Some important factors to remember when you’re tackling a congregation-wide art project include starting early; this allows for plenty of time for exploration and inspiration. Another factor is that these projects shouldn’t break the bank. We loved using simple, inexpensive, unexpected materials that we up-cycled. All ages and abilities should be able to participate. The last important piece of advice we would offer is to take some risks. These pieces aren’t meant to stick around forever. Write about your project and take pictures, but don’t hold onto anything. That will leave space for future projects and ideas!

And finally, let the Spirit lead you! Please browse through the years of art and read up on how we drew inspiration from the Bible, what materials can be used, and hopefully get inspired to create your own art for your context! Click the images below to learn how to recreate these visual expressions of faith!