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Sunday Mornings (Sept-May)
9:30-10:15 a.m.

“Lifelines” is what we call the adult education hour at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. We gather together to explore together the big ideas, big problems, big hopes, and big promises that shape our lives. We do this using the Bible and our Lutheran heritage as resources for making sense of a life faith, hope, and love.

Spring 2019



There comes a time when a “lifeline” is exactly what a person needs! Those times may come at any age and under any circumstances, and a person may feel as if the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under...leaving fear, pain, uncertainty. As people of God, we reach out to assist others publicly as a group and for a group, such as Camden Promise, Feed My Starving Children, Loaves and Fishes.

But what about a time when YOU may be in need. Who will lend a hand, throw out a lifeline? Here at Good Shepherd we have had trained volunteers to call on those in need, to bring a listening ear, a caring heart, prayer, communion. As lives change, as circumstances change, there are some common concerns and questions that become part of the process of adapting to new ways of living, or doing things, or managing independently.

Our Lifelines program on March 3 will address some common concerns as well as various resources to support one another in times of change and stress. We have our clergy staff, parish nurse, Friendly Visitors and Lay Eucharistic Ministers to serve the needs of our faith community. Learn more about the role of these resources and how to access such information and support. It’s better to become familiar with helping, caring resources before you find yourself in need. And remember, talking about illness or failing health doesn’t make it happen.




Starting on March 10 and continuing for five weeks, we will engage some of the familiar and important figures from the Bible, finding our own stories fore-worded in them, echoed by them and made-sense-of with them.

As a resource – along with the Bible of course – for engaging those stories, we will be using Crazy Book: A Not-So-Stuffy Dictionary of Biblical Terms (2nd edition), which was written by Pastor Jacobson, his brother Dr. Rolf Jacobson and their friend Dr. Hans Wiersma.

Crazy Book is meant to be humorous and invitational, helping us to read the biblical stories with delight and joy.