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Our Wednesday night Lenten theme this year is Mapping the Kingdom: “You Are Here”

Following fellowship and soup suppers we will gather for worship around Holden Evening Prayer, as is our custom. During worship we will be exploring the question of how we embody the Kingdom of God in our neighborhoods—the Fulton neighborhood where our congregation is at home, in the many neighborhoods in which our homes are, and the neighborhoods in which we work and study.

Matthew’s Gospel regularly uses kingdom-language to talk about our relationship with God and, as God’s subjects, with the rest of the world. That kingdom—God’s Kingdom—bears to us the improbable promise that Jesus is Immanuel, God with us, born to save us and set us free. That improbable promise is so powerful, so real and life-giving, that it makes Christ’s impossible demands: that we love our enemies, give to everyone who begs from us, go also that second mile, turn the others cheek, and that we be “Perfect…as our heavenly Father is perfect,” possible.

These are, at first blush, impossible demands that arise from God’s improbable promise, and are vital for how we understand the message we have to share, and the lives we are called to live in Christ’s name.

Join us in worship on Wednesdays as we explore where we are on the map of God’s Kingdom.

Come early, between 5:30 and 6:30, for our Soup Supper.
Homemade soup
Bread donated by Great Harvest
Homemade cookies!