New Good Shepherd Directory!

LifeTouch will be on site to take pictures of you and your family.

  • Wednesday, May 15, from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m.

All families who sit for a picture will receive a free:

  • 8 x 10 portrait

  • Good Shepherd directory

  • access to the phone or tablet application for the directory

If you decide to place an order for more pictures, you will receive:

  • a $10 off coupon from LifeTouch for those pictures

  • a $30 gift certificate for Shutterfly

  • a $5 donation to Good Shepherd!

Pets are allowed.

Sign up here!

This “Community Connect” church directory is designed to provide the most up-to-date tool for leadership, staff and members. What makes this directory unique is its compact size (5.5 x 8.5") and its ability to be updated easily as families grow and change. Whenever we have at least 15 new families or individuals, we will have photos taken of them and new directories printed for everyone!

Contact Teresa Malko if you are unable to sign up online or if you will be out of town the week of photos. We will have two make-up photo sessions in early March.