Grant Request Guidelines

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Foundation

1. The Foundation provides funds for initiatives and activities that are consistent with the mission and goals of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, with emphasis on seed money for new or expanding programs, and one-time capital expenditures.

2. Requests may originate with the congregational council, the ministry board, staff members, individual members of the congregation, or individuals and groups outside of Good Shepherd on behalf of programs consistent with our ministry and mission.

3. The Foundation does not ordinarily use funds to compensate for shortfalls in the church’s operating budget, and does not serve in place of its benevolence programs.

4. Each year the Foundation expects to distribute up to five percent of the investment fund assets, based on the previous year-end valuation. Grants have ranged from $500 to $15,000.

5. Grant requests should be completed on the Request for Foundation Grant form and submitted online.

6. If possible, requests should be received at least two weeks before the Foundation’s meetings, which are scheduled on the first Sundays of February, May, August, and November.

7. If the application is determined to be appropriate for consideration by the Foundation Board, the applicant may be asked to meet with the board at a scheduled meeting to discuss the request.

8. Grant applicants will be informed of the Foundation’s decision by letter.

9. After the grant’s approval by the Foundation, and in a timely manner after the initiation or completion of the project, the applicant is asked to submit a follow up report (and photos, if possible) to the Foundation board’s president, accounting for the expenditures of funds and describing the results of the project.

10. The recipient is asked to use appropriate opportunities to publicly acknowledge the Foundation’s role in supporting the project. In this way, individuals who have contributed to the Foundation will know that their support made the project possible.