Families Moving Forward

Beacon's Families Moving Forward program offers families experiencing homelessness hospitality, emergency shelter and a path to home with support for stability. Good Shepherd hosts families from Families Moving Forward for one week three or four times each year. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, beds and fellowship during the evening hours.

Volunteer Descriptions

Meal Providers Gather foods for breakfast or dinner and deliver them to the church kitchen by Sunday 12 noon, or prepare one of the evening meals at home and deliver it to the church kitchen by 4 pm on the day the meal is scheduled to be served. Include directions for heating and/or cooking the prepared meal.

Meal Preparers (Su: 4:15-7pm or  M-Sa: 5-7pm) Heat and/or prepare dinner. Set the tables, serve and clean up after dinner, including dishes. Plan to join the families for dinner.

Evening Hosts (Su: 4:15-7:30pm or M-Sa: 5:45–8:30pm)
Lend a helping hand to our families during dinner. Help children to settle in at the table with their food. Assist Meal Preparers with with clean up. Assist kids during the evening as needed. Plan to join the families for dinner.

Hanging Out with the Kids (Su: 5:45-8pm or M-Sa: 6:30- 8:30pm) Hang out with our young guests and build relationships by playing games, reading books, blowing off steam/energy in the gym, etc. This is a great position for families with kids of all ages. 

Overnight Host (8:30pm–6am) Stay overnight in our luxurious overnight quarters. Greet the breakfast host at 5:45am. (If you are able to stay until 7:15, please consider also signing up as a Breakfast Host.)

Breakfast Host (Su-F: 5:45–7:15am) Put out supplies for breakfast. Ensure that families get to the bus or their cars. Call bus dispatcher if the bus is late in arriving. Clean up the breakfast area.

Saturday Breakfast Hosts (Sa: 7am-9am) Prepare and serve a hot breakfast. Ensure that families get to the bus or their cars. Clean up the breakfast area. 

Set up (First Su: 10:30am-noon) Help set up the rooms for our guest families. This is a great family activity. 

Take Down (Last Su: 7:30–9:00am) Help break down the rooms and prepare them for Sunday school classes. 

Laundry (Last Su) Pick up the bagged used bed linens, blankets, comforters, towels and washcloths. Wash and dry the laundry at your home or in a laundromat. Return clean laundry to the FMF closet in the Multi Purpose Room South.