Sixteen people have signed up to make the journey to Ethiopia in October – specifically October 4–18. We will fly into Addis Ababa, the capital city, and spend a few days there; then drive west to Aira to spend a week with our beloved ministry partners, and finally drive back to Addis Ababa before returning home.


On this trip, the fifth for Good Shepherd members, the travelers include Pastor Karl Jacobson, Ralph Johnson, Karen Walhof, Cathy Mooney, Jill Ries, Jeff Paurus, Sharon Etemad, Kim MacLennan, Laura Moret, Sarah Helgen, Angela Jacobson, and Nora and Claire Fairbanks. Our longtime friend Girma Daka, a native of Aira and a significant interpreter of language and culture, will travel with us. Bob Chapman, a member of Mount Olivet and frequent worshipper at Good Shepherd, will also go with us. In addition, Connie Adams, a member of the board of Global Health Ministries will be traveling with us because of their ever-developing relationship with Aira Hospital and its accompanying clinics.

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Be a Prayer Partner

Be a prayer partner for one of the Ethiopia travelers. Meet them before they leave, then remember them in prayer each day they are in Ethiopia, October 4-18. You may choose your prayer partner, or we will partner you. Sign up here, and someone will contact you.

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  1. To reconnect and recommit with our mission partners in Aira – Aira Hospital, Onesimus Nesib Seminary, and Lalo Aira Congregation.

  2. To meet newly-elected leaders (since our last visit) in Aira, including the president of the synod, the president (principal) of the seminary, the non-health care leader at the hospital, and the elders at Lalo Aira Congregation.

  3. To discuss and re-evaluate our ministry together: What adjustments would make ministry more meaningful for God’s people both in Ethiopia and at Good Shepherd, and more faithful to the Gospel?

  4. To make connections with Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) leaders in Addis Ababa – especially the president of the church and the president of Mekane Yesus Seminary.

  5. To witness the progress of the program for children orphaned because of HIV/AIDS in Nekemte.

  6. To gauge further equipment needs for the clinics associated with Aira Hospital as well as the challenges for the future there.

  7. To hear about the needs and hopes at Onesimus Nesib Seminary.

  8. To talk with the elders of Lalo Aira Congregation.

  9. To provide opportunities for Good Shepherd travelers to see the growth and spirit of EECMY firsthand and experience the deep faith of God’s people there.

  10. To introduce American-style choral singing to the students at Mekane Yesus Seminary and begin a relationship there, first between the dean of the school of music, Amare Teklu, and Ralph Johnson.

  11. To see how our Ethiopian brothers and sisters live and witness.

  12. To experience a grand adventure amid the rich culture of Ethiopia, the evangelical resolve of the church, and the beauty of the countryside.