The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus is the fastest growing Lutheran church in the world. Fired by the Spirit, they have a holistic approach in serving their members and their neighbors, proclaiming the good news and providing care through a myriad of social ministries. The people of Ethiopia are an inspiration to us in our ministry. We join hands with Ethiopian expatriates here and reach across the ocean, standing together as brothers and sisters in Christ.



Resources for the Enrichment of African Lives (REAL) is a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization committed to the education of Ethiopian girls and women. REAL’s goal is to support each girl until she completes twelfth grade and has an opportunity for university or vocational training. Support a girl for only $360 per year. Both our Sunday school children and our youth group are supporting girls through REAL scholarships. Contact Carla Sykora for more information.

Onesimus Nesib Seminary

A seminary of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, located in Aira, Ethiopia, it trains men and women to be pastors and evangelists. We have supported women’s scholarships at Onesimus Nesib Seminary. To learn more, contact Karen Walhof.

Aira Hospital


A hospital owned by the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, the Aira Hospital serves thousands of people in Western Ethiopia. The doctors and nurses on staff are truly the hands of Christ as they provide both in-patient and out-patient care to so many. To learn more, contact Martha Gisselquist

Lalo Aira Congregation


A congregation in the small town of Aira, Ethiopia, Lalo Aira Congregation is a flourishing community of faith. We are companion congregations. To learn more about Lalo Aira Congregation, and our relationship with them, contact Karen Walhof

Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church

Although this congregation of Ethiopian immigrants is located in Minneapolis, their experiences and faith expand our understanding of God’s global church. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ, our partners in ministry. Learn more about this congregation [link to:] To learn how you can be involved in the relationship between Good Shepherd and Our Redeemer, contact Karen Walhof