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(On Sunday, June 18 we gather at the Lake Harriet Bandshell for worship at 10:00 a.m.)

"Who is God?"
Exodus 3:13, 14a, Revelation 1:8, Genesis 1:1-2, I John 4:16b, 
Matthew 17:5, John 14:25-27
June 25

Everyone has questions about who God is, where God comes from and where God lives. Little children ask about God's parents. But what does the Bible exactly reveal about the nature of God?

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"Why evil?" 
Luke 13:1-5
July 2

The book of Deuteronomy tells us that God is perfect, faithful and just. James wrote that "God cannot be tempted by evil." Jesus in the Gospel of John labels Satan as the "father of lies." It's true that evil exists but so does God. So where does that leave us?

"Where and what is heaven?"
John 14:1-7
July 9

People like to plan for where they are going. We use google maps and compasses to help us navigate the journey. But the Bible does not tell us the exact location for heaven. Only that Jesus has gone before us to pave the way.

"What is a disciple?"
Matthew 28:16-20
July 16

The disciples were students; people who studied and followed the teachings of Jesus. If we are called to do the same, what does a 21st century disciple do? 

"How can we truly bless each other?"
July 23

Blessing someone or something is an ancient practice. It's about asking God to look favorably upon us. But blessing is now part of the ever day vernacular as it is used in presidential propaganda to Facebook posts. How do we truly bless others in modern society?