Our parish nurse is a key member of our staff in the care of our faith community. In addition to supporting spiritual, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing, the parish nurse serves as health educator and advisor, facilitator for support groups, consultant, resource for a wide variety of healthcare concerns, and an advocate for optimal wellbeing for families and individuals.

Please contact our parish nurse if you are in need of the services of our care ministry staff or you would like to volunteer to help with some of the member care activities listed below: nurse@goodshepherdmpls.org; or ext. 145 at phone number 612-927-8849.


Family-to-Family is a free, 12-week class for family members and friends of individuals with a serious mental illness taught by trained family members. Click here to learn more. 

Honoring Choices Minnesota for Healthcare Options

Who would be your voice, if you were unable to speak? Honoring Choices Minnesota is a statewide effort to support family conversations about end-of-life issues. For more details we invite you to join us for   Honoring Choices seminar with our parish nurse Dorothy Ellerbrook.

Referrals and Resources for Healthcare Concerns


One Sunday each month is typically designated as Wellness Sunday; this most often is the 2nd Sunday of each month.  The parish nurse is available between worship services to take blood pressures for anyone.  The worship service includes opportunity for everyone to receive an anointing with oil and a blessing; this is our personally coming before God for special concerns, held personally, silently in our hearts, or whispered to the one doing the anointing. Our prayer shawls are on display on Wellness Sunday; these shawls are available at no cost to members with special needs for healing; the shawls are available for purchase for $25 for non-members.

Our parish nurse is for personal consultations for information and referrals on a wide variety of topics related to health, healthcare, and wellbeing.  See the link to a listing of more common concerns; feel free to contact the nurse in person, by phone, or by email for information that is of concern to you or your family members. There is no charge for appointments with the nurse.

Health and Faith Blog

Click here to read the latest Faith and Health Blog entry.

Care Card Ministry

Ruth Johnson sends cards of hope and encouragement to people who are hospitalized or going through a time of crises or transition. Please let Ruth Johnson or Pastor Debra Samuelson know of your needs.


Friendly Visitors

The Friendly Visitor Team keeps in touch with Good Shepherd members and friends who are unable to participate in worship and other church-related activities due to aging, illness, or other challenging circumstances. Personal visits and phone calls provide a friendly connection of support and care.


Prayer Chain

Click here for more information.

Service for Remembrance

In the month of December each year, we offer an Advent Service of Remembrance for those who have suffered loss and grief. Holiday time can be especially difficult when others are celebrating with great festivity. This service offers time of silence, quiet meditation, and comfort with others in similar circumstances.

The service follows the format of evening vespers, including worship with a speaker, followed by a light meal. All are welcome who seek solace and comfort for the difficult times of our lives.  

Support for Caregivers

As noted elsewhere in this part of our website, the parish nurse is an experienced professional with information and access to many community resources for health information and support. She is available at no cost for a personal consultation on the health concerns you may have. Her contact information is in person, during office hours on Wednesday afternoons, or by appointment; via email at nurse@goodshepherdmpls.org, or by phone at 612-927-8849, ext. 145.  

Those caring for a family member or friend in a home setting often become overwhelmed with the demands of the job.  Assessing need for change in care may involve a physician evaluation along with referrals to community resources. The parish nurse may offer support and information to serve both the one who is ill as well as the one providing care in the home.

In the past we have hosted support groups for those with cancer and those providing care for a family member, especially those caring for someone with Alzheimer's dementia. Those groups are not currently active because the greater number of our community find this type of support elsewhere, sponsored by healthcare providers and clinics. See referrals and resources for health concerns, and the list of support groups offered in our area.

Visits to those who are ill, hospitalized, in healthcare facilities, in hospice care

Pastoral care visits and parish nurse visits are a means of bringing the presence of Jesus Christ into the lives of our community of faith at times of acute illness, pending surgery, long-term care and rehabilitation care, as well as hospice care. We rely on family members, friends, and neighbors to inform the church staff when someone is in a hospital or other facility; please call the church general office number 612-927-8849 and provide the name of the individual, name of hospital, and room number, if known; it is also helpful to give time/date of surgery.  This information helps us serve those at a time of great need.  Our clergy staff make regular visits to the homebound, and those residing in care facilities. The parish nurse makes visits to these same care facilities as well as following up after someone returns home.