Meditation for Lent – Stone

Posted on April 3, 2012
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The grave in which Jesus’ body was placed was sealed by a large stone. Immovable. Permanent. Secure. Burial customs of ancient times. While you read the rest of this meditation, find a stone of any size or shape, whatever is available close at hand. Hold it, feel its shape, weight, warmth, coolness, hardness.
And then let us think that this stone in your hand represents the stone that sealed Jesus’ tomb. What does it represent? Let’s consider that it represents that which keeps us from seeing, finding Jesus. It is the barrier between us and Jesus. The stone keeps us from that which our soul desires most in our lives, the gracious love and mercy of God.
What is the stone for you? It is different for each individual. What is it that separates you from the love of Christ? Perhaps it is a sin so deep and so offensive that you cannot speak a word of it, yet it is that barrier. Perhaps it is the sin of someone else, directed at you, that you cannot forgive. Perhaps it is the love of wealth, and in no way can the hand release its grasp on that reality. Perhaps it is ambition, selfishness, greed, envy. There are many names for that which separates us from Jesus the Christ.
As you stand before the tomb, do you feel helpless, unable to overcome your own desires and come to Jesus? Look at the stone in your hand; think of the stone of Jesus’ tomb.
Remember the story . . . the angel came and rolled away the stone so that the good news of the resurrection could be revealed! Invite the angel to release the grasp of your hand on the stone, whatever the stone may represent. Let it go, toss it aside. . . come and see . . .. Jesus is not here for He is risen!
At last, the stone separates you for your Savior is gone. Receive the gift of freedom in the resurrection of our Lord. Rejoice! Alleluia!

~Dorothy Ellerbroek, parish nurse


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